Temple’s in-house team is supported by a large network of over 120 Associates, who complement,  enhance and extend the skills and expertise that we offer.

Made up of highly acclaimed professionals recognised as experts in their chosen field of work, our Associate Network provides a flexible and responsive approach to resourcing.  This approach enables us to remain objective in identifying the most appropriate resources required for each commission and ensure we build ‘best in class’ teams tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. This approach also enables us to provide greater access to, and engagement of, senior personnel whilst keeping our cost base proportionally lower and therefore delivering better value for money.

We have an established relationship with all of our Associates and a successful track record in delivery. The use of Associates has been a defining feature of Temple since our inception, and this way of working is as embedded in our culture as it is within our certified business management systems. Functioning as a seamless part of our delivery team, each Associate is fully conversant with our work culture and ethics and is extremely loyal to Temple and its clients

If you require further information on our Associate Network or would like to become a Temple Associate please contact Mark Skelton or Rachel Warboys on +44 (0) 20 7394 3700.