Well planned infrastructure is an asset to cities and communities. It acts as a catalyst for development and improves the productivity and wellbeing of its users. Roads, railways, airports, energy and other infrastructure must be designed and developed to be fit for purpose, while at the same time enabling environmental and economic performance. Getting the balance right is an essential part of the process.

Developing key infrastructure assets has become a political imperative in the UK and internationally. In a fiercely competitive global economy governments recognise the importance of infrastructure as a driver of investment, jobs and economic growth. We work with major infrastructure clients to manage impacts, improve resilience and capture value at all stages of a scheme, from planning and design to construction, operation and asset renewal. We can help to shape core objectives, encourage innovation and ensure different aspects the work connect with stakeholder priorities.

In this way we help clients align the green agenda with the commercial and economic realities of modern infrastructure, for example in the process of route selection for a rail extension or in mitigating and monitoring the development of energy distribution upgrades. Our involvement in a scheme can help both to set the environmental and social parameters for development, while also adapting and modifying decisions in order to reconcile different interests going forward.

Our infrastructure value includes:

  • Working on high profile schemes – and delivering results
  • Understand client priorities
  • Helping to reconcile different stakeholder interests

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