Temple launch online consents tool

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Temple is pleased to announce the launch of our online consents tool. This tool will change the way in which we manage consents making it more streamlined and efficient.

Temple has an experienced consents service which includes developing consents strategies for clients, managing and obtaining consents and liaising with stakeholders and Consent Granting Bodies. Often the projects that Temple engage with include complex planning and legal requirements, have numerous conditions that need to be discharged, and obligations that need to be complied with. Historically, much of this assurance of consent authorisations has been managed through linked spreadsheets, which are limited in their effectiveness in dealing with consent interdependencies, spatial inter-relationships and dynamic prediction and forecasting.

This is where Assertion comes in. Built and deployed in the ESRI platform, Assertion is an innovative online consent tool which will be formally launching in January 2024. Assertion has been developed with ease of use and efficiency in mind, integrating workflows with spatial data, and using smart time management forms and dashboards to provide insight where needed. The tool allows multiple users to interact with the data whether it’s tracking or reporting, so you can deploy a single instance across a whole project team, accessed via a simple web browser.

Responding to the growing complexity of consents and stakeholder obligations that our clients and our industry face, we are excited about the launch of this new spatially enabled digital consenting tool. Developed by experienced experts from our digital and consents team, Assertion is both functionally and technically excellent. Having seen it in action, I am excited about collaboratively working with our clients and partners to deploy it in new and innovative ways .” – Mark Skelton, Temple, CEO.

Key Contacts

Rhian Halford Director - Environment & Consents
Luke Chittock Director - Digital