Temple change over to Electric vans

23.02.2021 2 min read

We have added three new electric ‘Zoe Vans’ to our fleet, phasing out the use of diesel vans.

This is part of our pledge to net zero and our programme of transitioning to an all-electric fleet over the next few years.

The All-New Renault Zoe Vans are an award-winning, 100% electric micro van. The vans with 2 front seats and a flat load area in the back, can drive 245 miles per charge. In comparison to our previous vans which emitted 121 g CO2 / km, charged from renewables, the new electric vans emit 0 g CO/ km. This change is therefore estimated to deliver a net saving of circa 7 tonnes of CO2 per annum based on each van travelling approximately 19,000 kilometres per annum.

The electric vehicles are being rolled-out for use by our teams in Lewes and Norwich offices, where charging points have also been installed, taking advantage of the Government’s OLEV grant for electric vehicle infrastructure.

Mark Skelton, Managing Director at Temple:

We are happy to start the roll out of our electric van fleet in accordance with our commitment pledge to net zero. The new vans will be greener, cleaner, with fewer emissions meaning reduced greenhouse gasses, enabling us to move towards a more sustainable vehicle fleet. With exciting new technologies developing, which promise to cut charging times to minutes, extend range significantly and further enhance safety and automation features, we felt this was the perfect time to transition.

Key Contacts

Mark Skelton CEO
Iain Audus Head of Sustainability and SHEQ
Clare Conway General Manager