New partnership with Position Green strengthens Temple’s sustainability offering

28.03.2023 2 min read

Temple is excited to announce our new partnership with Position Green in the UK, which will allow us to combine their data-driven ESG reporting software with our specialised sustainability advisory services. 

Position Green’s platform enables comprehensive collection, analysis, and reporting of sustainability data throughout the organisation and value chain, promoting traceability, accountability, and targeted improvement.

This partnership expands Temple’s reach to a broader range of clients while offering our existing clients the opportunity to incorporate a data-driven approach to their sustainability reporting. Position Green’s products provide deeper insights and a data-driven understanding of clients’ baselines, allowing for more targeted advisory support. In short, Position Green handles the data while Temple provides the advice.

Mark Skelton CEO at Temple says “Temple and Position Green have a shared vision for a sustainable future, and by collaborating, we can provide our clients with a more robust and comprehensive sustainability offering. With Position Green’s reporting tool, clients can effectively capture, analyse, understand, and report on their sustainability data. This also provides a solid framework for us to work with clients and gain insights into their current sustainability status, identify what is important to them both now and in the future, and then collaborate with them to develop actionable plans to achieve their sustainability goals.”

“We look forward to working closely with Temple in driving sustainable action together. Position Green’s ESG software and expertise will enable more impactful and sustainable decision-making for customers through a data-driven approach and actionable insights,” says Position Green CEO Joachim Nahem.

Key Contacts

Mark Skelton CEO
Iain Audus Head of Sustainability and SHEQ
Carla Stokes Marketing Director