A day in the life at Temple… Environmental Management & Consents Senior Consultant 

31.10.2022 3 min read

A day in the life at Temple… Environmental Management & Consents Senior Consultant 

Luke Bajic – Senior Consultant / Consents Coordinator 

Date Joined Temple: October 2021 

As a Senior Consultant within the Environmental Management & Consents team at Temple, I have the opportunity to work across a range of projects from writing Construction Environmental Management Plans for property and infrastructure developments to running environmental awareness training courses and my day-to-day role, coordinating consents for the construction of HS2 Euston Station. As the smallest team here at Temple, cross company collaboration is vital. 


I don’t tend to have a set morning routine, but generally, on days I work from home I like to start the day by exercising, whether that’s a gym session or a short run around the Olympic Park where I’m based. As part of the Environmental Management & Consents team, I’m seconded on to the HS2 Euston Station project under the main works contractor. This means that I spend the majority of my week on their systems and get to switch offices between Temple’s London Bridge based office and the main contractor’s office in Euston. I enjoy this variety and relatively unique opportunity to sit in two offices across the week, mixing with different people and different ways of working. 

Before I start work I like to have a quick flick through BBC News to keep up to date with ongoings, particularly those relating to the environment. I also have a quick check of BBC Sport while I’m there, avoiding the Premier League table where I can currently as a Leicester City fan! 

As a consents coordinator at HS2 Euston Station, my main role is understanding upcoming construction programmes and informing the team of potential consenting requirements for each activity, the information required for any consents, and the likely lead-in times for them. This involves regular communication across our consents, stakeholder and environment teams, the construction package project managers, and any associated subcontractors. Working on such a high-profile large-scale infrastructure project gives me a fascinating insight into the range of consent governing bodies and processes and the pressures of interlinked programme deadlines.  

Outside of my coordination role on HS2 Euston Station I’ve also hosted training sessions for international delegates alongside my colleagues from across the company’s business units, allowing me to improve my communication and presentation skills and interact with decision makers from other cultures. The opportunity to have such a diverse range of work is one of the great things about consulting and working in the Environmental Management & Consents team in particular. 

As a foodie, I finish almost every day (post last email check and organisation of ‘to do list’ of course) thinking about what’s for dinner!