Tuesday, 16th April 2019

Monica Laucas reflects on her time at the Global Solutions Summit 2019

Our consultant, Monica Laucas, was invited to attend the Global Solutions Summit 2019 to discuss the role of business and infrastructure in the sustainable agenda. She was selected from over 3500 people who applied to attend as a Young Global Changer. The organisers were so impressed with her application that they gave her a free place to attend the whole summit.

Monica explained, “The Global Solutions Summit is an annual international conference, held in Berlin, also known as the World Policy Forum. It’s run by the Global Solutions Initiative Foundation, a global think tank which contributes to greater continuity and impact within G20 policy arenas.

“It was a huge honour to be invited to attend and all the sessions I attended were thought-provoking and discussed practical and sustainable solutions.”

The theme for the Summit was ‘Recoupling Social and Economic Progress Towards a Global Paradigm Change’ and included an inspiring keynote speech by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Monica added, “Participating in these discussions was an amazing experience, and has motivated me to do even more in my daily life, and at work, to mitigate and facilitate the change I want to see in the world.

“I came away inspired by the high calibre of discussions held, the enthusiasm and engagement of attendees, and the deep desire to address the root causes of the challenges we face worldwide – in particular, the inherent costs of not addressing the environment and social equity in measurements of growth and economic prosperity.”

You can read Monica’s full report on the summit in her piece for Insights – Reflections on the Global Solutions Summit.