Transport System Catapult (TSC)

Strategy Development | Client Transport Systems Catapult | Project Period July 2013 to May 2014

Keeping cities moving.

The Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) seeks to redefine the concept of Intelligent Mobility, acting as a catalyst for improved efficiency, jobs and economic growth.

Project Outline

The Transport System Catapult (TSC) is one of nine UK Government catapults in key sectors designed to drive innovation and technology. Temple was invited to join the start-up team for this high profile project.

Our Role

Strategy Development: Our team worked with TSC to understand the growing market for new technology and innovation within transport and develop a strategic framework for them to support the UK to address it.

We analysed and developed a future vision of transport, soliciting views from different parts of the industry and interrogating global and local trends. Our focus across political, economic, social, environmental and technological drivers provided context for the next 10 years.

We worked with the TSC technologists to redefine the concept of Intelligent Mobility recognising how technology driven, user focused networks create sustainable systems, enabling opportunities for improved efficiency, jobs and economic growth. We demonstrated the value of the market for new products and services to meet this need to be in the region of £900bn globally by 2025.

Our Value

Change Management: Implementation of this concept requires leadership and cultural change. We developed a thought leadership delivery plan focused on exemplifying the concept of Intelligent Mobility with leaders in UK transport.

Embedding the Approach: Initiating early stage innovation projects we worked with the TSC to exemplify a number of emerging technologies. In particular we spearheaded its investigation into Sentiment Mapping, customer experience models for rail, economic incentives for reduced congestion, integrated complex transport metrics and contribution of autonomous systems to carbon reduction drivers.

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