The Shard

Stakeholder Engagement and Construction Monitoring | Client Teighmore | Project Period 2007 to 2012

The Shard takes its place among Europe’s tallest buildings.

Environmental factors were important during both the demolition of Southwark Towers and the construction of its successor, The Shard.

Project outline

At 306m tall the Shard is one of the tallest buildings in Western Europe. Already an iconic structure, it was developed on the site of the former Southwark Towers. Environmental factors were extremely important during both demolition and construction; particularly given the proximity of London Bridge Station, Guy’s Hospital and the King’s College campus.

Our role

We provided consultation, advisory support, as well as the monitoring and management of noise, vibration and air quality over a 5 year period. This included the scope and extent of monitoring (the majority of which was real-time) and protection via ETAP (Environmental Trigger Action Plan). As part of our role we were responsible for negotiations with stakeholders such as Network Rail, Hospital Trust, among many others. Our innovative noise and vibration work and collaborative approach was recognised with a John Connell Silent Approach Award from the Noise Abatement Society.

Our services

  • management and monitoring of noise, vibration and air quality;
  • stakeholder engagement;
  • redefining construction techniques for “silent working”;
  • innovative practices, including the development of ETAP;
  • facilitating collaborative working and securing consensus on a wide range of issues; and
  • providing real-time data and data transparency to stakeholder groups.

Our value

  • we secured 24 hour working during construction;
  • no significant adverse environmental impacts were witnessed in the immediate proximity of the site or surrounding area;
  • there were no major disruptions to the normal operation of London Bridge Station and Guy’s Hospital; and
  • our specialists were responsive and frequently on site to address issues.

The verdict

The Hospital Trust, Network Rail, LB Southwark and other interested parties were very appreciative of the collaborative approach and proactive stance taken to address concerns. This meant that confidence and trust was quickly established, which paved the way to 24/7 working.

Moreover, the innovative approach taken to working methods, the monitoring regime and the responsiveness of the team meant the impacts were significantly less than those first feared and most stakeholders were “significantly underwhelmed” by the impacts.

“they were incredibly proactive… good value and saved the client money and time” The Shard, London Bridge Quarter (Nigel Follows, Mace)

Shard is still one of the tallest buildings in Western Europe STANDING AT

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