Barking Riverside

Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainability Services | Client Barking Riverside Ltd | Project Period April 2015 to June 2016

Meeting the challenge of Barking Riverside.

The development of the former industrial land at the Barking Riverside site will include nearly 11,000 homes and a broad mix of community and social facilities.

Project outline

One of the largest planning applications in the UK has been submitted to build up to 10,800 new homes at the Barking Riverside site in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. The application for developing 173ha of former industrial land also includes a variety of community and social facilities, including schools, health care, retail and related employment opportunities. The completed development will raise the Borough’s population by around 15%.

Our role

In line with the requirements for development on this scale, we conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) with accompanying Environmental Statement (ES) for submission with the planning application. We also led on a number of reports that supported the planning application, including the Sustainability Framework and Health Impact Assessment.

Our services

We were able to deploy a wide range of in-house expertise as part of the EIA and to assist the client in negotiations with the local authority. Individual impact assessments and analysis delivered as part of the EIA covered such key areas as:

  • air quality;
  • noise and vibration;
  • water;
  • ecology;
  • ground condition;
  • waste;
  • traffic and transport; and
  • socio-economics.

Our value

  • We were able to respond to a complex and challenging brief within a very tight timescale.
  • We had the technical resource and understanding, coupled with the experience to manage this challenging EIA planning application.
  • Our understanding of the planning system enabled us to support negotiations to vary the existing consent.

Submitted to build up to

Raise Borough's population by around

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