Client Heathrow Community Engagement Board Project Our Communities Digital Consultation Platform Service Digital Delivery, Sustainable Communities and Environmental Management Period June 2019 – 2020

Project outline

The Heathrow Community Engagement Board (HCEB) are an independent board funded by Heathrow Airport under s35 of the Civil Aviation Act. Their role is to represent the local communities on matters relating to both day to day operations and future proposals at the airport.

In 2019 Heathrow Airport began consultation on proposals for the expansion of the airport including a third runway. With a construction period of more than 25 years, the proposals would have significant effects on the local communities for many years.

Aside from the prospect of employment HCEB wanted to support local communities in developing a vision for their future alongside the airport so they could thrive not just survive. The communities affected by Heathrow are diverse and geographically spread as such that traditional methods of community consultation are not as effective in engaging quieter groups.

Temple have worked with HCEB to design, build and manage a bespoke digital platform that encourages people to share their stories, ideas, concerns and aspirations. Rather than voting on pre-conceived ideas or assumptions, the platform is a tool to encourage participation and let communities develop their own vision for the future.

Temple have worked with HCEB to provide guidance on a number of topics including digital delivery, community engagement, social value and construction best practice.

Our Role

  • Design, build and manage a bespoke digital platform to support community engagement and act as a hub of local information
  • Monitor, analyse and feedback responses to HCEB
  • Research and assess examples of construction best practice to ensure effective management of construction and its effects on the communities living alongside it
  • Identify case studies of sustainable communities living alongside other airport developments following successful consultation exercises
  • Examine and make recommendations for a community fund that could deliver longer term strategic goals for those living in and around Heathrow
  • Develop a strategic vision alongside the local community to maximise social value, and feed this back to the airport
  • Development of key performance indicators and a scorecard to evaluate and measure Heathrow’s performance in meeting the needs and aspirations of local communities

Key Contacts

Jenny Massingham Technical Director - Planning
Kris Beuret Associate Director - Engagement