Project Bury Community Champions Service Data analysis and primary research Client Bury Metropolitan Borough Council Project Period Period: September 2021 to April 2022

Project Outline

The data analysis and primary research was commissioned by Bury Council in September 2021 to appreciate insight in relation to local communities. As well as to harness the power of volunteer networks that either was launched or played a significant role as part of the local response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The research was part of a series of initiatives under the umbrella of Community Champions to deepen knowledge of and relationships with local communities in line with the Bury Neighbourhood Model and the “Let’s Do It Strategy”.

The core aim of the research was to develop a deeper understanding of the identity and needs of dynamic communities within Bury’s neighbourhood areas, as well as to ensure that the net for identifying community champions can be cast wider than the “usual suspects” who might already engage with Council-led initiatives.

Our role

Our research process was split into two strands: data analysis and primary research, guided by overall research themes agreed upon at the project outset.

The data analysis work was undertaken first, mapping key demographic, social, economic, and community indicators at a neighbourhood area level.

The second research strand was this primary research, consisting of two phases of stakeholder interviews with community stakeholders.

A total of 61 interviews with stakeholders were conducted, representing a wide cross-section of service providers and voluntary sector organisations across Bury.

Our value

Temple was able to:

  • Provide clear, evidence-led insights to Bury Council, including a range of maps showing neighbourhood level data
  • Find what challenges were being faced and what strategies could be applied to address these challenges
  • Provide useful recommendations for future strategies for volunteering and strengthening relationships with hard to reach groups

Client testimonial

“Temple has provided us with some rich insight, both quantitative and qualitative which is allowing us to better tailor local provision. We have already utilised the research to inform approaches to tackling the cost-of-living crisis; shape discussions on regeneration activity; strengthen partnership discussions about priorities at the place and it will be used to co-produce a new volunteering strategy locally.”

Chris Woodhouse – Bury Council 

Key Contact

Kris Beuret Associate Director - Engagement