Our Graduates are essential to delivering Temple’s outstanding client care and consequently, we look for the best.

From day one you work on a variety of projects alongside senior teams applying their existing skills and knowledge. Through a combination of training in soft skills and technical knowledge, you form a rounded skill set that sets you up for success in the future. We search for candidates who will go the extra mile for both the environment and clients. We look for individuals who have a demonstrable passion for the environment, are forward-thinking, and have a hard-working, personal approach.

Each year we recruit graduates across all our sectors. We start the annual process in November with varying start dates according to roles and availability.

Our Graduate Training Programme is designed to prepare you for the world of work, introducing you to multiple areas of the company and building skills, experience and knowledge which will allow you to work effectively in environmental consultancy.

It is a 2-year long experience that will help you ignite your Temple career and help the business to retain valuable talent.

The Graduate Development Programme offers:

  • Valuable learning whilst doing your job, experience of new tasks and challenging situations and the opportunity to work with more experienced colleagues. You also have the opportunity to practice and consolidate skills and knowledge. We ensure that learning opportunities are identified in the work/projects that you undertake and where possible create opportunities for you to learn new things.
  • An opportunity to shadow senior members of different teams, to maximise your knowledge in one given area, and later be able to apply acquired learning and skills in the workplace. Examples include both technical and consultancy skills e.g. learning about survey methods in the field by acting as a second survey person (examples of survey type: Air Quality, Noise, ecology surveys), or sitting with a senior project manager to learn more about our Document Management System, project finances, customer service, project management, etc.
  • A number of technical and consultancy training sessions will focus on different impactful learning activities to support your career development.
  • Regular mentor meetings throughout the whole programme to support you with the challenges you face, including gaining professional qualifications.
  • A chance to work on significant projects within your different teams.
  • A chance to take on a real business related project aimed at building up research, report, and presentation skills but also bringing academic research to industry and promoting Temple as an innovative company that drives the environmental agenda.
  • A chance to attend client meetings or assist with preparation and being part of the meeting wash-up.
  • A chance to network with a group of highly talented fellow graduates. Examples include joint project work, attendance at events and presentations, Early Careers Network Groups (e.g. Young Rails Professionals), and social events.
  • A chance to present a project you’ve been working on to the rest of the team.
  • If appropriate a chance to rotate to a different business unit to the one initially assigned to develop a more holistic understanding of business challenges in the environmental sector.
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Student work experience and internships

Temple offers opportunities to gain valuable work experience as a student (up to 2 weeks) or an intern (up to 12 months).

If you are interested in finding out more then contact Rebecca Brook