Friday, 26th August 2016

Temple’s BBB series: The ‘Close the Door’ campaign – tackling air pollution and energy wastage on UK high streets

On Wednesday 28th September Jeannie Dawkins, Founder of the Close the Door campaign, will be presenting on what her innovative and unique campaign consists of, as well as the many ways it can help to combat the effects of London’s air pollution and energy wastage. The campaign centres around encouraging high street stores across the country to implement measures, so that they’re able to keep their doors shut and in turn protect their staff from harmful outside fumes while conserving significant amounts of energy. The campaign is supported by research from Kings College and Imperial College on air pollution and Cambridge University on energy.

The campaign fits into much broader debates, not least the increasing urgency, fuelled by the release of Sadiq Khan’s air quality plan, to protect people from air pollution. On an equally urgent note, it relates to the shortage in energy that we are likely to face. Following the decommissioning of old fashioned coal power stations and the recent stalling of the Hinkley Point plant, it is inevitable that the UK will start to experience power shortages more regularly. The campaign also relates to the inequalities within the world of fast fashion, one where some highly unethical processes going on in the shop are often overlooked within an ‘ethical’ supply chain. Separately, there is a grim irony in the fact that those in fuel poverty are the least able to pay the costs of wasted energy which are ultimately included in high street prices – they are also the least likely to be able to circumvent this issue by access to bank accounts/internet to shop online.

The aims of the award winning campaign are broad and far-reaching. The innovative nature of the campaign is recognised by all of the organisations that have endorsed it, including: the Mayor of London, a huge number of other political figures, public figures, fashion companies, amongst others, see here.


DateWednesday 28th September

Time: Registration 8.15am, briefing begins at 8.30am – 9.30am.

Venue: Temple Group, Devon House, 58-60 St Katharines Way, London, E1W 1LB.


A choice of bacon, egg or mushroom sandwiches will be served on arrival.

There are limited spaces available so we are able to offer only one slot per RSVP.

Please RSVP with your breakfast choice by Thursday 22nd September to: Lheah Zorlakkis, Marketing Executive: or call 0207 394 3700.

* Temple’s Brown Bag Lunches (BBBs) were set-up early on in Temple’s development. They used to be solely for staff and were given this name because everyone would be bought lunch (not necessarily given to them in a brown bag!). Today the initiative has evolved. We now hold both BBLs (Brown Bag Lunches) and BBBs, both of which are open to Temple’s clients and contacts.