Wednesday, 30th August 2017
  • Katie Anderton (Principal Consultant)

Are we redesigning London?

The characteristic narrow winding streets of London are thought to date back as far as 2,000 years. The streets we walk today and the buildings we see provide a record of the way we once lived and demonstrate how little has actually changed in London over this period. With a relatively low-density city (when compared to some of the other mega cities around the world) our historic infrastructure has limited the way we have been able to spatial plan and evolve our city.

There is currently an unprecedented amount of construction activity taking place all over the city but is there joined up thinking and a strategic plan? It is hard to walk around London without seeing some kind of construction site and all these schemes (and no doubt many more in the future) require space, infrastructure and potential redesign of existing spaces which leads us to the question, are we redesigning London?

Katie Anderton, Principal Consultant at Temple Group, discusses this topic in more detail here: Are we redesigning London?