Friday, 2nd December 2016

Advising the NIC on infrastructure performance measures

Temple, working as part of an expert consortium led by JBA Consulting, has been appointed by the UK National Infrastructure Commission (an Executive Agency of HM Treasury) to identify performance measures for use in the National Infrastructure Assessment (NIA). The National Infrastructure Commission was established last year to provide independent advice to HM Treasury on the pressing infrastructure challenges facing the UK.

The Commission’s high level objectives, set by the UK Government, are to:

  • support sustainable economic growth across all regions of the UK
  • improve competitiveness
  • improve quality of life.

As part of meeting the objectives the Commission is responsible for preparing the NIA so Parliament is informed of the infrastructure requirements to be addressed. Providing an assessment of the current performance and shortcomings of the UK’s existing infrastructure, as well as planning for future performance, requires establishment of relevant, accurate and informative performance measures that can be used to report on how infrastructure is meeting objective levels over time. JBA, working in consortium with Temple, Steer Davies Gleave and GreySky Consulting, is developing performance measures for the digital communications, energy, flood risk management, solid waste, transport, water and wastewater sectors. The study also takes account of interdependencies between these key infrastructure sectors and their interaction with the built environment (for example, in facilitating housing growth).

The project involves a review of current sector, national and international practice and also consultation with infrastructure sector leads to develop performance measures that are practical and relevant. The study is due to report by the end of January 2017.