Temple Marketing Suppliers

Blackdog Digital  offer a diverse range of printing services enabling them to offer a fully managed service starting from the design stages, right through to the end product. Temple avoid printing marketing collateral, but when necessary they work with Blackdog and choose them of their continued commitment to help the environment. They promise to do the following:

  • Recycle all waste paper and plastic
  • Only use 100% recycled and carbon balanced paper
  • Reuse all carboard boxes received from deliveries
  • Reuse our machine toner bottles as well as using only vegetable based toners

View Blackdog’s Green Promise here.

Chalk is a full service, creative agency with innovative, fresh ideas, Temple work with Chalk to manage Temple’s website and the Temple brand. Chalks Environmental promise includes

  • Turning off unused computer and other electrical equipment when not in use
  • Donating old MacBook’s to education departments, and youth organisations for student and educational use
  • Reducing the usage of hardcopy (paper) proofs and using soft (electronic) proofs wherever possible
  • Recycle inks cartridges or other materials wherever possible (we avoid printouts as a priority)
  • They use public transport where possible and/or cycle
  • They subscribe to the Cycle to Work scheme
  • They contribute a percentage of profits each year to forest re-planting activities:  https://moretrees.eco/

Branded products

Circular&Co use waste materials to make new products which are then fully recyclable, they reuse the same materials over and over, closing the circle. This drastically reduces CO2 emissions, stops consumption of the planet’s precious resources, and eliminates pollution; the three core environmental challenges humanity faces. Temple use them to produce branded coffee cups which we use as promotional items when required. Temple use Circular&Co because their purpose aligns with ours and it means we can provide a product we know has been is stopping over consumption of the planet’s precious resources, and eliminates pollution.

Sow Easy are a sustainable promotional products supplier specialising in seed-based plantable promotional products that grow into flowers and vegetables. Temple use them to provide branded seed pencils and coasters, both of which can be planted and grow into wildflowers, the end results supporting biodiversity where ever they are planted.

Key Contacts

Carla Stokes Marketing Director
Sanya Bindra Marketing Assistant