to sell their shares back to the Company to leave Mark and Mary Southwood as the sole shareholders. EPIC Q (later to become EPIC) emerged at this time through one of the staff Away Days as the best way to capture our values and behaviours which resonated well with our clients and staff alike. [EPIC Q – being Ethical, Personable, Innovative, Committed and ‘Quality’ – quality was embedded in Temple and post ISO accreditation it was felt that this was such an intrinsic part of the Temple offering this did not need stating hence EPIC]. Within several years we had outgrown the flagship London office (Tempus Wharf) and we were soon operating out of three separate offices in London.This meant there was an urgent need for a larger London office to accommodate everyone under one roof and allow further expansion which led us to Devon House, St Katharines Dock.With the acquisition of The Ecology Consultancy in 2012/3 it was decided that a new Group structure was needed to manage the business.This led to the formation of Temple Group Management Ltd (formerly Barnards Management Ltd – established as Southwood Associates in 1991) with Temple and The Ecology Consultancy operating as sister companies. In consequence, in 2015 Mark Southwood stepped into the Group CEO role and remained Chair of the Temple Board and Chris Fry was appointed Managing Director of Temple. Since our formation a considerable number of staff have gone on to play important roles in the wider industry both in the UK and Internationally - see the Temple Tree.Their fondness for Temple and continuing warm relationships with the company and current staff has led us to formalise this as the Temple Alumni to be launched this year.This will provide a special forum where ideas, experiences and challenges can be explored to help improve and innovate the industry.