largest development site on former industrial land. For Meridian Water,Temple developed an innovative regeneration framework to establish a more vibrant, connected community with associated green infrastructure in one of the most deprived areas in London. We will remain an independent and UK headquartered business and this is important as the country gears up for a raft of new public and private work coming on stream.With Brexit comes opportunity and we will also seek work internationally in the medium to long term. Whilst maintaining our main office in central London we are now moving to a more regional hub and spoke model.We are also now part of the growing trend of ‘northshoring’ with our new Manchester office and importantly this will bring us opportunities to collaborate with different organisations and bring in talented individuals from across Greater Manchester and the north. Our Associate model may no longer be unique but its longevity and the breadth and depth of skills it offers makes it distinctive and it remains a genuine gamechanger to many of our clients. Also, our numerous collaborations and strategic alliances will prove vital to the way we deliver on major assignments in the future. We will launch a Temple Foundation in 2018 to complement the R and D work completed through our in-house Innovation Programme launched in 2012, our involvement in the recent UK Catapult programmes and horizon scanning (future proofing) assignments for other clients. We will continue to protect and enhance the individual and distinctive personality and values of Temple and create an environment where staff can thrive and meet their personal goals and ambitions. Our strong reputation and established credentials in infrastructure and regeneration/ property together with a great workforce means we can be secure in the knowledge that we will continue to be a significant player in these markets.This is underpinned by the continued investment in infrastructure which now makes up circa 25% of the environmental market, alongside greater awareness and societal concern regarding environmental matters. Clearly there are interesting and exciting times ahead.These of course will come with their own set of challenges, and we welcome these opportunities to demonstrate our agility and responsiveness. Most of all we look forward to working with all of you and hope that the next 20 years proves as successful and enjoyable as the last!