Projects High Speed 2:London toWest Midlands HS2 Ltd 2012-2017 EIA, ES and Petition Management support Temple as part of the ETM (ERM,Temple and Mott Macdonald) consortium led on the EIA for London and Country South, which represents over half the HS2 Phase 1 route. ETM subsequently helped prepare the ES to accompany the Hybrid Bill submission. This was one of the largest EIA undertakings not only in the UK but also Europe. We provided petition management support and worked on a number of undertakings and assurances. RoyalAssent was successfully secured in January 2017. Intelligent Mobility Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) 2013 -2014 Strategy development, sustainability Transport Systems Catapult forms part of an elite network of technology and innovation centres established by Innovate UK. These organisations seek to capitalise on UK strengths and accelerate opportunities for UK companies.Temple supportedTSC in establishing a sustainable business model and creating the new market for intelligent mobility and we designed and delivered on a suite of varied activities. Our contribution included establishing the structure and organisation for the TSC Ambassadors programme; conducting an in-depth review of the potential market for intelligent mobility; and, designing the tendering process for TSC’s university partner programme, which was later put forward as a best practice exemplar for the Hauser review of Catapults. TheWey &Arun Canal TheWey &Arun CanalTrust 2014-Ongoing EIA, ES and Ecology services This Canal is recognised as a national heritage asset. It runs through Surrey and West Sussex but much of the canal is no longer navigable.The Trust is working to restore the canal and reinstate the inland waterway link from London down to Littlehampton on the Sussex coast. Phase 1 of the Bramley link is the first of three phases which will connect the remainder of the restored canal to the National canal network. Temple and The Ecology Consultancy (TEC) were appointed to undertake the EIA for the restoration of the Bramley Link Phase 1 section.Temple are providing a range of EIA specialist services including a socio- economics and community assessment, as well as a detailed ecological impact assessment involving species/ habitat surveys. Neil Cowie Area Manager Country South … our thanks to … you in particular for the excellent support given to the Country South team as we worked our way through our petitioning process.