Defra Noise Management Guide Department for Environment, Food and RuralAffairs 2003-2004 Policy guidance for LPAs. Temple consulted 387 LPAs and carried out a number of in-depth interviews and focus group meetings to determine how existing noise services were provided. The Guide was published on the Defra website, and launched through workshops and seminars across England,Wales and Northern Ireland.The consultation draft published in 2003 was met with critical acclaim and was largely adopted in the final version published in 2006. ThamesView,HartsLane andWhitingAvenue HousingEstates andChadwellHeathCemetery London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (LBBD) 2003-2007 Contaminated Land Managing Agent Temple on behalf of LBBD developed contracts and specifications as required, completed the OJEC tendering process and selected firms that offered best-value to the client.The Managing Agent was part of the client’s team bringing technical and project management expertise.This resulted in the introduction of new project planning and controls to save time and money and to ensure deliverables met expectations. Our engagement led to enhanced trust with Council members and relevant committees and also the public given our formal “independent” observer role on all external communications. Ground Investigation and OptionsAppraisal for Ince Central Housing Estate,Wigan Wigan & Leigh Housing (WALH) 2004-2006 Independent technical adviser. Temple implemented a range of innovative approaches to engage with the local community to build capacity and ensure that a long term relationship could be developed between residents and WALH. Our commission led to residents feeling more empowered, enhanced trust and more effective dialogue withWALH. Our understanding of inter-agency dynamics, our technical know-how, our ability to simplify complex matters and interpret technical jargon were highly significant in making a success of this assignment. They were very proactive, helpful and efficient. M Collard LB Barking & Dagenham Temple’s performance has been beyond excellent.The people that I’m working with at the moment are fantastic. Ince Central Estate,