2009 NewTemple Branding To reinforce the management credentials ofTemple in environment and planning projects Key project High Speed 2 Phase 1 (AoS) Significant new contracts Including: BURA Training, Transport Scotland – Lot 3 (URS Corporation Ltd), Wildspace Sustainable Transport Feasibility Study (LB Havering) >25 2010 Temple’s first Employee Newsletter produced Won award Received The John Connell Silent Approach Award from the Noise Abatement Society Significant new contracts Including: ChelvestonWind Farm (East Northamptonshire Council), Service Manager Post (Sedgemoor DC), NPSWaste Water (Essential Planning Ltd) >£2m 2007 Business Restructured To refocus back on core services Shareholders Colin Stanbury and Bob Chard left the business leaving Mark and Mary Southwood as sole shareholders Key projects BAA HeathrowAirtrack,The Shard Significant new contracts Including: Crossrail 1 Work Packages (various), Bournemouth Airport (NPA Response), London 2012 Olympic Park Remediation Works 2008 Key project Defra Statutory Nuisance Policy and Practice (5 year framework) Significant new contracts Including: Maritime Centre of Excellence, Lloyds Register (Buro Four), School Noise andVibration Surveys (LBTower Hamlets), Cooling theTube >500 2011 Moved in to new offices At Jacob Street, London and Perrymount House, Haywards Heath Temple acquired Lichfield Planning which was dissolved in 2014 Key projects Norton Bridge, High Speed 2 Phase 2 (AoS) Significant new contracts Including: Crossrail 1, (Construction Monitoring – various), British Airways, Football Association, PortZed Shoreham (Brighton & Hove Council) 2012 Doubled turnover Within a year from 2 in 2011 to 4.8 millio Key projects High Speed 2 Phase (London and Area So London Overground Improvement Progra Significant new cont Including: HMS Gan Redevelopment ES R (Babergh DC), Rassa ES Review (Blaenau Chilmington Green E (Ashford BC) >50