Monday, 11th August 2014

Rethinking cities & infrastructure for the 22nd century – interview with Temple Director Chris Fry

In this online interview Chris discusses fresh ideas on how London and other cities can harness the full potential of regeneration and new infrastructure projects. As many major schemes take a decade or more to deliver and are designed to last for 60-70 years plus, we already need to be thinking in 22nd century terms. The interview introduces Temple’s ‘turquoise cities’ concept, which is based on achieving a rich mosaic of development that works at all scales and combines liveability/usability, water and climate resilience, harnesses environmental systems and is innovation enabled.

The interview refers to the Base London 2014 conference session on placemaking and another example of applying the turquoise cities concept is summarised in our blog on the draft infrastructure plan ‘London 2050’.